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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays
Chorus in June - AMC support

One of the members grand-daughter has AMC (Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenital) and chorus wore blue for June 30 AMC awareness day.
2023 competition highlights

2023 Region 21 competition in Albuquerque NM: It has been over 3 years since we had a live regional event. Our chorus had a lot of fun with a lot of bonding! PHX quartet members from Westwind Harmony Chorus (WHC) and Scottsdale chorus received 4th place and we are extremely proud of them! Also featured are the first timers for region 21 and there are a few that it was their first competition at a regional event. Here are a few pictures.
Westwind Harmony March Madness with Debra Lynn - 2022

Westwind Harmony had an amazing coaching session with the extraordinary Debra Lynn, March 4 through March 7. All members had a PVI session with Debra. There were workshops for each of the sections and a workshop for the chorus during their regular Monday evening sessions. Besides the education, there was bonding, confidence in self and in each other and belief that the methods taught do work and of course a lot of fun!